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Like the consummate gentleman, Grand is right for every occasion, with a clear focus on celebrating each gifting moment with the perfectly executed chocolate item, always observing the decorum of the seasons – donning tweeds for autumn, seersucker for summer, black tie for cocktails and white tie for state occasions. Always reliable yet always arriving with something new. Grand Belgian is tradition with a twist that makes the difference.

Flaked Truffles

If you’ve always dreamed of trying this uniquely Belgian speciality – well, what are you waiting for? Enter another league with Grand 100% pure Belgian Flaked Truffles. Our time-tested truffle fillings are enrobed with signature recipe chocolate before being gently rolled in freshly shaved chocolate flakes to send your experience … right out of the ballpark.

Cocoa Dusted Truffles

Sharpen your seduction strategy with GRAND 100% pure Belgian Cocoa Dusted Truffles. We start with a premium truffle filling with 18% cocoa content and add a fine layer of bitter cocoa powder to temper the sweetness of our original, coffee, salted caramel or cocoa truffles. But for those who want to take their experience even further, our Premium Enrobed Truffles wrap those premium fillings in a fine layer of bittersweet dark chocolate before dusting for a combined cocoa content of 21.6%. Impressively rich, yet impeccably dressed.



GRAND 100% pure, Belgian chocolates – or pralines, as we like to call them – are engineered for enchantment. Our signature chocolate recipes are tested for taste, bite, and the perfect amount of shine. Moulded or enrobed, dark, milk or white chocolate embraces fillings concocted in our own kitchens in Lier – rich ganache or praliné, golden caramel, fragrant liqueurs… in solid or layered confections, sprayed, plain or topped with sprinkles. In matters of taste, victory assured!

Sensational snacks

In case you thought GRAND Belgian Specialties always arrived in ‘grand’ packages, think again! GRAND Twigs in dark mint, dark coffee, extra dark or milk may be small and slim, but they add an unexpected snap to the sensation of 100% pure, premium Belgian chocolate. Unstoppable! Or take another approach to intimate exchange with our delectably thin Crisps, designed to melt on the tongue for maximum effect: the coin of the realm when it comes to seducing the senses. And if it’s a slightly more substantial taste sensation you’re after, our Bites of dark raspberry, milk cappuccino or milk caramel have the added attraction of sprinkled toppings.


GRAND 100% premium Belgian chocolate Bolitas will bowl you over. The concept is simple: take a soft truffle filling and enrobe with our signature recipe chocolate for an intensely focused taste bud explosion. Each individual Bolita is wrapped in gold foil for freshness and flavour. And suspense: you never know whether you’ll be getting milk chocolate or dark. A winner every time!

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