the story

GRAND Belgian Specialties exude an air of quiet confidence that comes from absolute mastery. As a retail partner, GRAND is the strong, silent type, a well-dressed gentleman whose focus is clearly the celebration of special occasions. After all, in today’s hectic world, what better way to indulge the people you love most than with the affordable luxury of GRAND 100% pure, premium Belgian chocolates?

Because nothing less will do

With GRAND Belgian Specialties, the essentials haven’t changed much over the years. Purity and simplicity have always been our foundation: from the finest cacao to our signature chocolate recipes and custom fillings. Though we may have refreshed our look to stay in step with modern times – and to reflect our state-of-the art production facilities and dedicated chocolate lab – GRAND still exudes the impeccable air of a more elegant age, an understated chic that never goes out of style. Look for the distinctive white packaging with gold foil accents. And be right for any occasion.

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