GRAND Belgian Specialties
blend old world grandeur
with modern ease

Share & enjoy these affordable indulgences whenever the fancy takes you


GRAND Belgian Specialties blend old world grandeur with modern ease, so you can share & enjoy these affordable indulgences whenever the fancy takes you. Like the perfect gentleman, GRAND is right for every special occasion. Pure white packaging with distinctive gold accents honours our heritage & premium quality in a contemporary style. 100% Belgian, 100% pure, 100% now!

The story

GRAND Belgian Specialties exude an air of quiet confidence, like the perfect gentleman who’s always dressed for the occasion. What better way to indulge yourself and those you love than with the affordable luxury of GRAND 100% pure, premium Belgian chocolates?

Purity & Simplicity
With GRAND Belgian Specialties, purity and simplicity have always been our foundation: from the finest cacao in our signature chocolate recipes to our rich custom fillings. GRAND exudes the impeccable air of a more elegant age, an understated chic that never goes out of style. Look for the distinctive white packaging with gold foil accents. And be right for any occasion.

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Our products


GRAND 100% pure, Belgian chocolates are engineered for enchantment. Our signature chocolate recipes strike the perfect balance of taste, bite & shine. Moulded or enrobed, dark, milk or white chocolate encloses fillings concocted in our own kitchens in Lier – rich ganache or praliné, golden caramel, fragrant liqueurs…. In matters of taste, victory assured!

Cocoa Dusted Truffles

Indulge your senses with GRAND 100% pure Belgian Cocoa Dusted Truffles. We start with a premium truffle filling and add a fine layer of bitter cocoa powder to our original, coffee, salted caramel or cocoa truffles. Or enjoy our Premium Enrobed Truffles for a next-level experience: premium fillings coated in a fine layer of bittersweet dark chocolate. Impressively rich, impeccably dressed.

Flaked Truffles

Enter another league with Grand 100% pure Belgian Flaked Truffles. Our time-tested truffle fillings are enrobed with signature recipe chocolate and rolled in a rich coat of freshly shaved chocolate flakes to take your experience … to new heights.


GRAND 100% premium Belgian chocolate Bolitas will bowl you over. Soft truffle filling enrobed with our signature recipe chocolate brings you an intense explosion of taste. Each individual Bolita is wrapped in gold foil for freshness & flavour. A winner every time.

Twigs, Thins & Bites

Delicate and refined, with a snap! GRAND Twigs in dark mint, dark coffee, extra dark or milk may be slender, but they add an unexpected snap to the sensation of 100% pure, premium Belgian chocolate. Just like our Thins, delicate chocolate wafers yet ever so crisp. And if toppings are your thing: our Bites add a sprinkling of nuts or fruit to a thin foundation of dark raspberry, milk cappuccino or milk caramel chocolate.

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